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libcoin by libcoin

A crypto currency library based on the Satoshi client (bitcoin/bitcoin on github).

libcoin is a crypto currency library that is based directly on the bitcoin Satoshi client. The design goal has been to reuse all the code, and not change any of the functionality. So the aim has been solely on improved modularity and a better code structure. Throughout the restructuring the code stayed runnable to be able to test that it worked in a similar way.


Boost (minimum 1.47) OpenSSL (use a version incl elliptic curves, many linux versions comes without this) BerkeleyDB (only coinChain) CMake - for building


Windows: Prerequisites: * OpenSSL - get it from "" (but, don't trust me! find it via the openssl webpage: Choose to put everything in one folder (not dlls in the windows dll folder). * Boost - get it from the boost webpage. Put it where you usually put stuff like this. You don't need to compile it * BerkeleyDB - get it from Oracles homepage, choose the installer and do a default installation. This will put BDB into "C:\Program Files\Oracle\Berkeley DB 11gR2 5.3.15" (or what ever version you got). Include files are in the subfolder \include and libraries in \lib. * CMake: - download and install (choose add cmake to windows path). * Visual Studio C++ Express 2010. I used this one as it is free to use. Find it on the microsoft webpage and install it (beware - they try to fool you to buy the professional version, but I know you are too smart for that). * git-extensions: - install everything (incl diff program). * setup Visual Studio to include the include paths and lib paths for the above libraries Linux: Prerequisites: Most of the packages you can get by apt-get: * OpenSSL: sudo apt-get install libssl-devel libcrypto-devel (note, you might need to compile and install OpenSSL from directly as ECDSA is not always part of ssl) * Boost: sudo apt-get install libboost-dev libboost-doc - beware, check that your os version is using minimum boost-1.47, otherwise install it from * berkeley db: apt-get install libdb-dev * cmake: apt-get install cmake MacOSX: * compile and install OpenSSL * compile and install Boost * compile and install Berkeley DB * download cake For all of the above to compile: ./configure (or cmake -G Xcode/"Visual Studio 2008" on MacOSX/Windows respectively) make (or buid/run from your IDE) make install


Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Satoshi Nakamoto Copyright (c) 2011 The Bitcoin developers Copyright (c) 2012 Ceptacle, Michael Gronager Distributed under the MIT/X11 software license, see


Michael Gronager (
And the raw code for the Satoshi client is done by:
Alex Waters (
JoelKatz (
Eric Hosmer (
Abraham Jewowich (
gjs278 (
ariel (
Johannes Henninger (
Dev Random (
cjdelisle (
Han Lin Yap (
Santiago M. Mola (
St├ęphane Gimenez (
Daniel Holbert (
Dan Loewenherz (
Chris Moore (
Eric Swanson (
Fabian H jr. (
Federico Faggiano (
Gavin Andresen (
Amir Yalon (
Carlo Alberto Ferraris (
dabaopku (
HostFat (
Sven Slootweg (
Joerie de Gram (
Jakob Kramer (
James Burkle (
Jaromil (
Jay Weisskopf (
Jeroenz0r (
Jeff Garzik (
John Maguire (
Jordan Lewis (
Carlos Pizarro (
ovdeathiam (
Wladimir J. van der Laan (
Luke Dashjr (
Michael Bemmerl (
Marius Hanne (
Matt Giuca (
Matt Corallo (
Venkatesh Srinivas (
Giel van Schijndel (
Doug Huff (
Daniel Folkinshteyn (
Nils Schneider (
Dylan Noblesmith (
ojab (
Alex B (
Patrick Varilly (
Pieter Wuille (
Ricardo M. Correia (
Satoshi Nakamoto (
Shane Wegner (
Dawid Spiechowicz (
tcatm (
Ubuntu (ubuntu@domU-12-31-38-00-A1-B6.compute-1.internal)
Vegard Nossum (
Witchspace (
Dan Helfman (
Michal Zima (
Dean Lee (




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